The Gideons

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What is the Gideon movement?

The Gideon movement refers to the book of Judges 7:7, where God spoke to Gideon of 300 men to unite and defeat the Midianite army. These 300 men, out of 10,000, were carefully chosen and tested by God for their commitment, humility, and heart to follow His mission. Then, they were led by Him to defeat a 120,000-man army. God spoke to Apostle Guillermo Maldonado to raise up an army of Gideons who will help finance the end-time harvest of souls.

Today, a movement funded by Gideons is rising as the call to expand into every nation, evangelize to every person, and train entrepreneurs to go out and reach the world.

Through your investment and commitment, you’ll champion the war against principalities of darkness and lift up the arms of the man of God, and establish the Kingdom of Heaven. You’ll become one of those warriors who will take the good news of the Gospel to the nations, you will finance the great harvest. You will become a Gideon.

Would you like to become a Gideon?

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